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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Income Tax Act
Article 100
The tax collection authority shall, after having determined the annual income of a taxpayer, make out and serve on him or her a tax demand notice giving the balance of the tax payable for the full taxing year after deducting the provisional payment, the tax withheld yet to be offset, the amount of credit tax as specified in the provisions of Paragraph 4, Article 15 , and the voluntary payment of tax made provided, however, that the withholding tax from the income subject to separate taxation in accordance with the Act shall not be deductible.
In case the tax as determined payable for annual settlement falls short of the total amount of tax paid, the collection authority shall make out and issue to the taxpayer a refund notice or an exchequer's check for refunding the overpaid amount of income tax.
If, thereafter any tax is decided upon as additionally payable or refundable pursuant to reinvestigation result, or a decision made on an administrative appeal or an administrative proceeding, the tax collection authority shall make out and serve to the taxpayer a tax demand notice, or a revenue refund notice, or an exchequer's check for refunding underpaid tax and for demanding the full payment of the tax payable. The taxpayer shall, within 10 days after service of the foregoing tax demand notice, make the full payment of the income tax payable by him/it.
In the case of refund as provided in the preceding two Paragraphs, the tax collection authority shall, promptly and no later than ten days from the date of verification, fill out and serve to the taxpayer an over-paid tax refund notice or an exchequer's check. The period for refund of overpaid tax shall be three months commencing from the date of service of the over-paid tax refund notice to the taxpayer. Upon expiration of the said refunding period, no refund will be made.
Where the amount of retained surplus profits declared by a taxpayer under the provisions of Article 102-2 hereof is verified as being under-declared or overdeclared, the supplemental payment of the shortfall tax or the refund of the overpaid tax shall be governed by the provisions set out in Paragraphs One through Four of this Article.

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