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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Income Tax Act
Article 119
All personnel of the collection authority shall keep in strict confidence, except to concerned parties and agencies, the amounts of income and income tax of any taxpayer, documentary evidences, and statements or documents made or produced by other parties. Any person found guilty thereof by the authority-in-charge or upon information of the injured party shall be subject to severe disciplinary action. Where such a person is also guilty of violating the Criminal Code, Code, he shall further be referred to the court to be dealt with in accordance with act.
Concerned parties and agencies as provided in the preceding paragraph refer to the taxpayer himself, his agent, attorneys, partners, successors, tax withholders, taxation agencies, control agencies, agencies receiving administrative appeal or handing administrative proceedings related to taxation, and such other agencies and personnel thereof as determined by the Ministry of Finance.
The furnishing of information by a collection authority to other government agencies for statistical purposes involving no disclosure of name of taxpayers is not subject to the confidence keeping restriction.
Personnel of government agencies disclosing such information furnished by tax agencies as provided in the first paragraph of this Article shall be subject to punishment comparable to that imposable on personnel of tax agencies.

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