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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Income Tax Act
Article 125-1
A worker who was employed by an employer to do work, received wages and paid tax on the pension, retirement pay, severance pay, and old-age pension not covered by insurance benefits received by him/her after Aug 1, 1984 and before amendment and implementation of this Act, may apply for refund of over paid tax within five (5) years after amendment and implementation of this Act and shall not apply for such refund again if he/she failed to apply for it within the time limit. The refundable amount of tax approved by concerned taxation authority shall be refunded together with interest accrued thereon calculated on daily basis for the period from the date of payment thereof by the taxpayer to the date of issuance of a national treasury check for the refunded amount at the fixed interest rate of postal savings for a one-year time deposit on the day when the refundable amount was paid.
Refund based on provisions in the preceding Paragraph of tax paid within five (5) years before amendment and implementation of this Act shall be applied for by the taxpayer concerned; however, if said five-year period is exceeded, the taxpayer shall submit concrete supporting evidence when filing an application.

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