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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Income Tax Act
Article 4-3
Where a profit-seeking enterprise provides property for the purpose of formation of, or contribution to, or participation in any of the following public trusts, the value of the beneficiaries' entitlement to the benefits distributable to them under the said public trust shall be exempt from assessment of income tax and from application of the provisions of Article 3-2 and the proviso set out in Item 17, Paragraph 1, Article 4 of this Act:
1. A public trust, the trustee thereof is a trust business operator as defined in the Trust Business Act;
2. A public trust which will not pay special benefit in any manner to any specific person or any person who may be designated as a specific person, except for payment of the expenses which must be made to an enterprise incorporated in realizing the creation objective of the said public trust; or
3. A public trust which, according to the provisions of the trust deed thereof, will be transferred to a government authority at a specific level, or a public juristic person or public trust having a similar objective upon the cancellation, termination or extinguishment of such trust deed.

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