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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Income Tax Act
Article 51
Fixed assets must be depreciated by using the straight-line method, fixed percentage on diminishing book value method, sum-of-years`-digits method, production method, working-hour method or other depreciation methods approved by the competent authority. Where the assets belong to different categories, the depreciation may combine the computation based on the respective categories.
The service life of various kinds of fixed assets shall be such as is prescribed in the Table of Service Life of Fixed Assets; however, the service life of equipment installed to the prevention of water pollution or air pollution may be accelerated to two years.
In the computation of depreciation of each kind of fixed assets, the service life of such fixed assets shall not be shorter than the minimum years of service life specified in the said table unless special permission has been granted by the Government to adopt the shortening as a measure of encouragement.

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