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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Enforcement Rules of the Income Tax Act
Article 64
Calculation of liquidation income is as follows:
Inventory liquidation revenue - Inventory liquidation cost = Inventory liquidation profit/loss
Non-inventory asset liquidation profit + Profit from liability payoff + Assessed residual asset profit after liquidation + Other profits = Liquidation profit 
Non-inventory asset liquidation loss + Creditor's right collection loss + Assessed asset Loss after liquidation + Liquidation expenses + Other Losses = Liquidation loss
Inventory liquidation profit/loss + Liquidation profit - Liquidation loss = Liquidation income or loss
Liquidation income - Approved amount of loss incurred in past years that is deductible according to law - Various profits not counted as income according to law - Various income exempted from tax according to law = Taxable income for liquidation
Article 31 regarding calculation of related costs of goods sold is applicable to calculation of the inventory liquidation cost as stated in the preceding paragraph.

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