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Tax Related Laws & Regulations

Tax Act:
Regulations for the Collection of Tobacco and Alcohol Tax
Section 2【Raw Materials Used for the Manufacture of Another Tobacco or Alcohol Product】 Article 30
If a manufacturer uses another kind of tobacco or alcohol product as raw materials for the production of its tobacco or alcohol products, it shall fill out a Material Computation Form for the materials required and apply to the competent tax authority for approval. If the competent tax authority deem there is a need to prescribe an uniform standards for the use of said materials, after sending samples of the tobacco and alcohol products to a testing agency for checking, the competent tax authority should submit a request to the Ministry of Finance for the formulation of such standards.
A taxable material shall be exempted only if it constitutes an ingredient of the tobacco or alcohol product; materials used for fueling and testing purposes shall not be exempt from tobacco and alcohol tax.

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