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Tax Related Laws
Taxation Agency,Ministry of Finance,R.O.C.

ALL Tax Related Laws & Regulations Tax Related Directions

  1.Income Tax Act
  2.Profit-Seekikng Enterprise Income Tax Act
  3.Other Income Tax Act
  4.Value-added and Non-value-added Business Tax Act
  5.Stamp Tax Act
  6.Futures Transaction Tax Act
  7.Securities Transaction Tax Act
  8.Commodity Tax Act
  9.Tobacco and Alcohol Tax Act
  10.Estate and Gift Tax Act
  11.Land Tax Act
  12.House Tax Act
  13.Deed Tax Act
  14.Vehicle License Tax Act
  15.Amusement Tax Act
  16.Tax Collection Act
  17.Certified Public Bookkeepers Act
  18.The Act Governing Local Tax Regulations
  20.The Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax Act